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Piedmont Family Dentistry's Dental Discount Plan- FAQ

Questions about our Dental Discount Plan- click on a question to expand. If you have a question that has not been answered here, call us at (704) 225-8555 during normal business hours, or email us at anytime!

All PFD Dental Discount Plan FAQ

What is The Dental Discount Program?

Piedmont Family Dentistry's brand-new Dental Discount Program is a new plan offered to patients that do not have dental insurance. For an annual fee, members receive:


  • 2 Free checkups2 Free Simple cleanings, and one set of checkup xrays per memberhship year!

  • Discounts of 30-60% off our regular fee schedule.

What is a “simple cleaning”/

An Adult Prophylaxis is commonly referred to as a “simple” or “free” cleaning. This is the type of dental cleaning that most patients have during their checkup visits.


However, if you have been diagnosed withperiodontal disease (“gum disease”), resulting in a scaling and root planning (“deep cleaning”), then the dental cleaning you receive during your routine checkup visits is called a Periodontal Maintenance.


Patients who are diagnosed with gum disease are not eligible for simple cleanings. And just as with virtually all dental insurance, Periodontal Maintenance is not covered as a “free service” under our Dental Discount Plan- but it is eligible for the reduced fee schedule.


Can I have the second cleaning anytime?

Just like any insurance plan where you must use your benefits in annually- or lose them- your 2 cleaning visits are only good during each membership year. You must use your 2 checkup visits within each membership year- any unused benefits will not carry over.


What if I have to be referred to a specialist?

We have several specialists- Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Periodontists and Pediatric Denttists-  who have agreed to extend discounts to our Dental Discount patients- anywhere from 10-20% off of their services! And since these providers have been working with our office for amost ten years, we feel confident that they will always provide our patients with superior service.

Is this Discount Plan the same as insurance?

Our Dental Discount Plan is not dental insurance and can only be used at Piedmont Family Dentistry. However, there are no claims to file, or waiting periods  to be met or pre-existing conditions that would limit the care that you need for you or your dependants.

Can I combine this Discount Plan with my Senior Citizens Discount?

As of now, Piedmont Family Dentistry's Dental Discount Plan cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons or promotions.

What is a "Dependent"?

A dependent is either the spouse or the child of a member. Children are covered up to age 26, irrespective of their student status.

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