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Below are some brief descriptions- and videos- of the some of the procedures we offer at Piedmont Family Dentistry. For financial questions, please visit our Payment Options section- though all of the services are included in our Dental Discount Plan. If you have a question or would like to know what kind of treatment would work for you or your family, call us at (704) 225-8555 or contact us online.


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Preventing, discovering and resolving potential problems, before they evolve into complex conditions. It includes:




Services including 

These services are meant to not only repair tooth damage, but prevent future problems.




As modern dental materials and techniques have improved with respect to aesthetics, most dental procedures are now also cosmetic in nature. This refers to a range of services including


Modern dental materials allow many options not only to brighten your smile, but also to change the shape and improve the position of your teeth.

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