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How far can your business card travel?

If you've been on our website before then you know that we have maintained aBusiness to Business Directory for about a year. The reasons were simple: We've noticed over the years that that many of our patients have something that other patients need. Plus, we figured that a business card can travel a lot further in cyberspace!

Like Carolina Lawn Care or Lane's Auto Detailing, if you have a business that you would like to promote, or an announcement that you would like to make, weencourage you to submit your business cards for listing on our website, for free.There are 3 easy ways to get your card to us:

  • You can email a scanned copy of your business card;

  • You can send it to me in the mail; or

  • You can just drop them on by!

Give me a week to get them uploaded onto the site and you should be good to go!

And now we are excited to announce that every business card submitted for placement on our website- and that does business in Union County- will also be forwarded to This is Union a brand new free online classifieds site that caters specifically to Union County residents.

And as a special, because the ads came from our patients, This is Union will in turn submit the ad to 3 other online classifieds sites- absolutely free!

So how far can your business card travel? Well, to five classifieds sites for starters. Leave me your business card or send it to us in the mail to find out how far it can go from there! We'll see you soon- have a great day!

Angela, Front Office Coordinator

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