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Office Schedule Update due to COVID-19

The NC State Board of Dental Examiners has released a statement on COVID-19 and its recommendation for dental offices and their treatment of patients during this time.

Per the Board’s direction, all elective or non-urgent care should be postponed for two weeks. For the safety of our patients and team members, Piedmont Family Dentistry will be following the Board’s recommendations and will limit the dental services we will be providing this week.

Thereafter, on Friday, March 20 Piedmont Family Dentistry will close and remain closed through Monday, March 30 with the goal to reopen Tuesday, March 31.

We will, however, be available to triage and accommodate any patients with dental emergencies during limited hours, and on a patient-by-patient basis. For your convenience you may leave a voicemail, or text (704) 225-8555- or email us at

If you have an appointment already scheduled to take place during our scheduled closure you will be hearing from one of our team members. With direction from your doctor, we will determine the best course of action regarding your treatment. Please note your doctor may recommend no treatment at this time. You will be hearing from someone at your office through Thursday, March 19, to help clarify all of this.

We appreciate your patience and the support we have received from many of you through this challenging time.

We will continue to keep all of you updated should there be any changes. Stay safe!

Piedmont Family Dentistry

Call / Text: (704) 225-8555


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